I've tried numerous products for my skin. How do I know Kumaara will work?

Kumaara skincare provides a proprietary blend of natural, organic and science-based compounds. With a combination of antioxidant fruit and botanical extracts, line-fighting peptides and patented anti-aging actives, the Kumaara Transforming Ritual will help you obtain a smooth, glowing and youthful complexion.

Will Kumaara work if I use the products individually rather than as a system?

Kumaara products have been formulated to work together to reduce the visible signs of aging through a combination of both short and long-acting ingredients. You will receive optimum results by using them together as a system and allowing 6 to 8 weeks to see the full benefits.

How long before I see positive changes from Kumaara?

With your first application of the Kumaara Day-Night Ritual or Total Eye Renewal, you'll see visible changes in your skin – including smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. The long-acting ingredients will more dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines while also improving texture, firmness, density and elasticity over time. Visible results should appear within four to six weeks.

Can Kumaara erase my fine lines and wrinkles forever?

No skin care treatment can permanently erase skin damage caused by time and the sun's harmful UV rays. However, Kumaara can help restore the youthful texture, firmness and elasticity lost over time. Kumaara also helps to protect skin and prevent future damage. Incorporate Kumaara's proprietary formulas into your daily skin care regimen to ensure ongoing enhancement and protection.

Is Kumaara safe for even the most sensitive skin?

Kumaara does not contain any harsh chemicals and is oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free, so there are no negative side effects – just smoother, firmer, more radiant skin.

How do I use the Kumaara Day-Night Skin Ritual?

Step One: Daily Antioxidant Protection with SPF 15 – Smooth a dime-sized amount onto a cleansed, dry face and neck every morning. Apply before make-up application and especially prior to sun exposure.

Step Two: Overnight Repair Complex – Smooth a dime-sized amount onto a cleansed, dry face and neck every evening.

How do I use the Kumaara Total Eye Renewal?

Step One: Luminizing Eye Treatment – Gently apply a few dots to the under-eye area and smooth in twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Step Two: Daily Antioxidant Eye Serum – Lightly apply a pea-sized amount to fine lines and wrinkles along the sides of the eyes and under the brow. Use twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Can I still use my favorite sunscreens, lotions and eye creams with Kumaara?

We recommend that you try the Kumaara system alone for a few days to see if your current lotion or cream is still needed. If you do find you prefer more or less moisturizing, feel free to pair your favorite products with Kumaara for a well–balanced skin regimen. Kumaara can also be used along with your preferred sunscreen for added SPF.

If Kumaara is not right for me, is it easy to return?

That's the beauty of Kumaara – you can try this unique skin care system risk–free. If Kumaara is not for you, simply contact Kumaara Customer Care before your trial period is over. A Customer Care Representative will help you return your products for a full refund (less shipping and processing).

How quickly can I get Kumaara delivered?

Every Kumaara package is shipped within one business day after you place your order. Most orders arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

If I order online, is my information secure?

Yes, every Kumaara order placed online is processed through a secure server. This server encrypts your information so it cannot be read by any unauthorized third party.

Does Kumaara share my information with third parties?

Never without your permission. The information you give us is solely for the purpose of filling your order and maintaining communication between you and Kumaara. The company does not rent, sell or share your information.